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The Virum is a fantasy graphic novel written by Alyssa S. ( aka wolfmon21/MaximumSimplicity ). The story is set in a realm of a world ruled over by gods. In this case: wolven gods. The plot revolves around a small group of heroes, who happen to be wolves. The setting takes place in a forested grotto, known as The Donarium, which is a training camp for a small group of heroes destined to save the gods from the ancient evil force that is slowly rising. The main character is a witty, sarcastic male wolf named Dubato, and, along with his friends, will go on a life-changing adventure, and he'll realize that anyone can be a hero.
Notice: This Wiki covers any and all information regarding The Virum comic, and reveals plot details, twists, and character information. Long story short - the pages contain spoilers. Read at your risk, and don't complain if you stumble across anything that spoils something in the series. (It's recommended you are caught up on the comic before going through any of the pages on the Wiki)

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