The Virum, not to be confused with the title of the comic itself, refers to a group of young wolves who were destined by the gods to save the world from a danger that even they themselves cannot stop. A danger coming in the form of an ancient, ex-god, banished long before any mortal wolf walked the Earth.

What sets apart the Virum from any other wolf is the fact that their auras are colored. The auras of regular mortals range on a grey scaled spectrum, the purest being white, and the darker ones being a dark shade of grey. A black aura has never been reported, but it is believed that a creature with a black aura would be corrupted by pure darkness and hatred.

Decuris, the guardian of the Donarium, can sense auras and their colors, and that is how he determines who the Virum are.

Known VirumEdit

  • Dubato (aura color unknown)
  • Athena (aura color unknown)
  • Pan (aura color unknown)
  • Latimar (aura color unknown)
  • Eclipse (aura color unknown, believed to be sky blue)


  • 'Virum' is an alternate translation of the word 'hero' into Latin. However, literally translated, it means 'Man'.

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