General information
Name meaning In Greek mythology, Pan was a minor god, ruling over the wild.
Gender Male
Age 16
Status Alive
Pelt Color Brown
Weapon(s) N/A
First appearance
Allies Dubato, Athena, Latimar
Family Deimos and Hast (brothers)

Pan is a young wolf with a stubby, goat-like tail and stubby horns sticking out from his bangs. He's a Virum, and is a bit shy and skiddish, though he tries to be brave, and is Dubato's best friend.


Early LifeEdit

Pan was born in a meadow in the shade of a cherry blossom tree, with two brothers. He didn't know his parents, and was cared for by the nature spirits that lived in the valley. He and his brothers, Deimos and Hast, were taught that everything in nature is equal, and all nature should be respected and honored. So they grew up with a great respect for nature. They were raised to be pacifists, to hate all violence.

But one day, his peaceful sanctuary burnt down in flames, crumbled to ashes. Most of the nature spirits were killed, but one, named Millie, escorted them from the meadow. She told them that there was a sanctuary for wolves who were very special, like them, and that she couldn't go any farther, for her life force was connected to the meadow. 

However, the brothers split up before they could get there. Hast missed their old home and wanted to go back, despite Pan's warnings that there just might not be anyplace to go back to, and Deimos decided that he could fend for himself and didn't want to spend the rest of his life being looked after and protected like some defenseless child.

So Pan was the only one who made it to the sanctuary, the Donarium. He was only seven years old, and Decuris was amazed that he'd made it on his own, without the help of any of the guides.

Pre-Book OneEdit

For the next four years, Pan trained to become a guide. Decuris told him that he was here for a reason, a very important reason, and Pan always felt like it was to be a guide, which he didn't quite like. It didn't feel very important to him. He often would tell the guardian that being a guide wasn't so great, and that he would've rather participated in battle training, and Decuris would shake his head.

And then he got his first actual mission as a guide. Three destined Virum had been found traveling together in a group, which was dangerous, because their powerful aura would surely attract hoards of monsters. He fled immediately to find them.

Eclipse, Latimar, and Athena were easy enough to find. Pan quite literally ran into them. Most of the journey went well. They'd only encountered a few monsters, but not too many that they couldn't defend themselves. And so their adventure went as such. And it took two weeks to get there.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pan is a small male wolf with short legs and a short, deer-like tail. The main color of his pelt is a plain brown color, and his front paws are dark brown, connecting with the lighter brown in a wave-like design with dots above them. The underside of his tail is a light tan color, and there is a thin line below his left eye of the same color.

Pan's eyes a bright jade color, and the whites are, unlike many of the other characters, pure white. His pupils are wide and his eyes tend to show a lot of his emotion.

His bangs are curly and hang a few inches above his eyes. His hair is the same color as his paws. Tiny, stub-like horns poke out from his bangs, and they are dark, dark brown in color, almost black.


Pan is normally pretty shy, skiddish, and very sensitive. Sometimes he acts younger than he really is. Childish isn't quite the word, because he actually has a kind of mature mindset, and he tries to be brave.

Again, he's sensitive. Hurting his feelings his quite easy, and betraying his trust is even more so. However, he's kind, and has a good-heart and spirit, refusing to fight, even if his life depends on it. The only exception to this is if his friends are in danger. He'd risk his life to save them.

Pan is a loyal friend, and someone you'd love to have on your side. He's deeply connected with nature though and can't stand to see it harmed. He won't let anyone so much as step on a tiny insect. Seeing nature in ruin brings to him a great feeling of depression. All of this is because of how the nature spirits raised him and his brothers.


Love InterestsEdit




Dubato has become Pan's best friend. Because Pan is so sensitive and shy, Dubato is actually very protective over him.


Pan and Athena are really good friends, and they have bonded a lot since the time Athena came to the Donarium. He really helped her come out of her depressed shell after certain... incidents... have happened. They share a lot of inside jokes that Dubato often doesn't get.



Pan and his brothers actually didn't get to know his parents, which he doesn't seem to mind because he quite liked growing up with the nature spirits. They left him when he was young, but claimed it was for their own good, because the nature spirits would be better 'parents' to them than they could ever be.


The name 'Deimos' actually means terror in ancient Greek, however, it doesn't seem to fit him. Deimos was raised to be a peaceful creature, just like Pan and Hast, and he is the oldest of the three. After the meadow burned down and the brothers were sent to find the Donarium, Deimos left because he wanted to live independent of himself, and not having someone looking after him 24/7. He claimed he was strong enough to protect himself.


Hast is the smallest, and, believe it or not, the most sensitive of the group. His name means 'fawn' in Latin. When their meadow was burning the the ground, Hast actually felt physical pain, and leaving the meadow, even though it was slowly crumbling to nothing by ashes, caused an unbearable pain in his chest. It broke Pan's heart to see him go back, because Pan always felt responsible for protecting his younger brother, even if they weren't born that far apart. It is unknown what Hast went back to, and if he's still alive.



Other AlliesEdit


Pan is actually a little suspicious of Latimar. It isn't that he doesn't trust him, but being around the big brute makes the small wolf feel a bit uneasy.


  • Pan is currently the only character whose eye whites are actually white.
  • He is not the only character named after a Greek god. In his case, he's named after the satyr ruler of the Wild. The other character named after a Greek deity is Athena.

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