General information
Name meaning A variant of the English name "Latimer", which means 'interpreter'
Gender Male
Age 18
Status Alive
Pelt Color Dark blue-gray
Weapon(s) N/A
First appearance
Allies Athena, Pan
Themesong "Still Waiting" ~ Sum 41

Latimar is a big, dark blue-gray male wolf with black and yellow markings, and a scar over his left eye from being attacked by a Conjured. He is one of the Virum, and is very close to Athena.


Early LifeEdit

Latimar grew up as an only pup, not knowing who his father was. It was believed that his father was an outsider, a wolf not in their pack. And because of this, other pups who were around his age made fun of him. He had no friends, but in all reality, he didn't mind all that much. He spent time alone, often daydreaming of getting lost in thought. 

However, as he got older, he did have one friend. A young female wolf named Heather felt sorry for him and took a friendly liking to him. At first he was a bit skeptical and suspicious of her, and didn't trust fully in her desire to become his friend, but after a while, they actually grew close. Sure, there was nothing more than friendship between them, but Latimar was glad to finally have a friend, someone who he could trust and talk to. But Latimar didn't know that Heather was the alpha's daughter, and when the alpha found out that Heather was friends with a half-outsider, he commanded that they know longer communicate. In addition to this, he demanded that Latimar have someone guarding him and his mother at all times. 

So one night, Latimar's guard foolishly fell asleep, and he fled the pack.

Pre-Book OneEdit

After a week of traveling on his own, hungry, tired, and weak, Latimar met up with another runaway, a young she-wolf about his age named Eclipse. At first, he was relucatant to make friends with her because he felt like he was only going to be abandoned again, but he finally gave into Eclipse's charm and they became friends, traveling aimlessly together. 

And then they met Athena, a helpless orphan, and let her join their group. He promised that they'd always be together, and they'd always be family. 

Physical AppearanceEdit

Latimar is large and well built in stature, intimidating upon first meeting. His pelt is a dark blue-gray in hue. His muzzle and tail tip are a yellow mustard color, as well as a jagged lightning bolt shape that points upward on his shoulder. On his left shoulder, the jag is black tipped, but on the right shoulder the whole marking is yellow. A patch of fur on his cheeks are yellow as well.

There are two black stripes on his muzzle, and two on his forehead, as well as three on the front of his forelegs, and two on his back leg, with an upside down triangle between the two stripes. His eyes are an harsh ice blue color, and there is a jagged scar on the left side of his face over his eye.


Latimar is a bit cold at first. He doesn't talk much to strangers and may come as harsh and stoic to those who don't know him. However, once you actually become his friend, he opens up a bit more and has a warmer attitude. He is looked up to by many of the younger Virum as an older brother, Athena included. 

He's very protective over his friends and the ones he cares about. He'd give his life to make sure that they're safe and sound. What very few know is that he carries a darker side.


Love InterestsEdit


Latimar was very close to Eclipse, moreso than even Athena, which makes sense, because they'd known each other longer. However, something stronger than friendship was forged between Latimar and Eclipse in the time that they'd been together.


Heather was Latimar's first friend, and his only friend when he still lived a pack life.



Latimar is very protective of Athena. He acts like an older brother to her. He always keeps a watchful eye on her and is wary if she's put into a situation that could be potentially dangerous. Sometimes, it can get on her nerves, because she claims that she's mature and capable of protecting herself.



Latimar didn't know his father. His mother was a beautiful she-wolf named Larka, but Latimar never felt extremely close to her.



Other AlliesEdit


Decuris is the guardian of the Donarium, and is the head trainer. Latimar looks up to him, somewhat like a distant father he never knew, and Decuris is protective of Latimar.


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