General information
Name meaning
Gender Male
Age 14
Status Alive
Pelt Color Dark Gray
Weapon(s) None
First appearance N/A
Allies Athena, Pan, Latimar
Family Unknown

Dubato is the main character in The Virum; he's a sarcastic, smart-mouthed young wolf with a very dark gray pelt and black and blue markings. He is one of the Virum.


Early LifeEdit

Dubato has no idea where he came from. All he remembers when waking up on the beach was his name.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dubato is an average-sized male, though he's a bit skinny at first. His main pelt color is a dark ash gray, and his markings consist of blue and black. Only on his left shoulder, there is a blue wave-like pattern, with two hooks, and pattern similar on his rump, though the curves on his shoulder face the same direction, while the curves on his back face each other. The larger of the two curves, the one facing towards his tail, swirls more than the other one. 

His tail is the same blue on the top, with a strip of black layered underneath it. His back paws are black, too, as are his spikey bangs. His left ear is blue with a black stripe in the middle, while the right ear is black with a blue stripe in the middle. His irises are a bright, intriguing sea green color, while the 'whites' are actually a light hue of this sea green. 


Dubato is brave, spirited, and a born leader with a sarcastic sense of humor. He's excessively loyal and would instantly die to save a friend, without a second thought. Sometimes he is told that he is too loyal because of this, for he cares more about the well being of others than himself. He's honest and would never break a promise, even if it meant sending himself to the grave. However, he can be short tempered and has trouble controlling his anger. Also rash, he tends to do or say things without thinking first, and can be pretty hard on himself. He can be smart, and carries unseen intelligence deep down inside, but he acts dumb and obtuse. He's a great ally to have though, and you don't want to get on his bad side or break his trust.


Love InterestsEdit




Athena is a bit standoffish towards Dubato at first, but over their time together, they begin to bond a bit more, until she finally refers to him as a 'friend'.


Dubato is best friends with Pan. Pan was also his first friend upon coming to the Donarium. However, because Pan is so delicate and skiddish, Dubato is very protective of him.


The brutish blue-gray wolf is a bit gruff and cold towards Dubato at first, but after a few days, Latimar takes Dubato underneath his wing and welcomes him to 'the family of the Virum'. They train alongside each other, and Latimar isn't afraid to give Dubato a few helpful pieces of constructive criticism here and there.


Dubato has no idea who his family is or where he came from.



Other AlliesEdit


Decuris is the Guardian of the Donarium, and the head 'counselor' of the Virum. He instantly sees something special in Dubato, but he won't tell Dubato what exactly that is.


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