General information
Name meaning The Greek Goddess of wisdom, war, and battle strategy
Gender Female
Age 14
Status Alive
Pelt Color Tan
Weapon(s) None
First appearance N/A
Allies Dubato, Pan, Latimar
Family N/A

Athena is a smart, level-headed female wolf, and a good friend to Dubato. She's easily annoyed by his stupidity, but deep down inside has a soft spot for it and finds it rather amusing. She is one of the Virum, and trains alongside Dubato, Pan, and Latimar, among others.


Early LifeEdit

At the age of nine, Athena ran away from home. She had lived with her father, and her 'mother', whom she found out wasn't actually her mother. Devasted by this lie, she chose to ran away in the middle of the night. However, she did not know the dangers that lurked outside, the threats that faced a young pup such as herself. Athena found herself lost, scared, and alone, and would've died, unable to defend herself, had Latimar and Eclipse not found her. She joined up with them, runaways like her, and together, they traveled the land on their own, sharing stories of their lives before leaving home.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Athena is an average sized she-wolf, with a beautiful light-tan, almost peanut butter colored, pelt. Her build is sleek, skinny, with long legs. Three thick, darker jagged stripes run down her back, one placed on the back of her neck, one placed above her shoulders, and the last placed on her rump, just before her tail. Three more stripes of the same color ring her tail, the last stripe making up the tip of her tail. All four of her paws are of this same color, and above each foot is a single ring of this brown, as well. Her ear fur is brown, and her nose is dark brown.

A silky mane of cream-blond hair hangs around her face, mostly draping around the left side of her face and cascading around her left ear. Sometimes it hangs in front of her eye, sometimes it doesn't. The ends of her bangs are a slightly lighter shade than the rest.

Her eyes themselves are a stormy gray hue, like the color of a sky heralding thunder. The irises are a solid shade of this color, while the 'whites' actually aren't all that white, but instead very pale, pale gray.


Athena is level-headed, much moreso than Dubato, and tends to keep him in line. She's smart, strategic, and, also unlike Dubato, tends to think things through rather than diving headfirst into them and seeing where that takes her. At first, she is shy and a bit stand-offish, also a tad untrusting because of things that have happened to her in the past.

First impressions are a big thing for her; she's a little judgemental. Okay, maybe not a little. Harshly judgemental. Sometimes, she gets a bit sarcastic and has an incredibly sharp tongue, often leaving scatching remarks when you piss her off. Also, she is not the typical, frilly, girly character, even though he appearance would lead to some thinking this, and she hates to be seen as such. Athena isn't afraid to get dirty, or bloody, and actually likes fighting, you know, if her friends are in danger. She wouldn't give a second thought to attacking an enemy if the life of one of her friends is on the line.


Love InterestsEdit


It is believed that Athena has, or at least, had, a crush on Latimar that developed at one point during their travels when they were much younger. However distraught she may have been when she found out that he liked Eclipse instead, she still always tried making an effort to be noticed further by him.



Athena and Eclipse were best friends when their small group was traveling about on their adventures. Athena felt like she was able to confide in the older she-wolf where she wouldn't have been able to with Latimar or, later on, Pan. She looked up to Eclipse like a sister.


Pan and Athena share a close bond of friendship. They also share a lot of inside jokes that Dubato doesn't understand.


At first, Athena hated Dubato. He thought was a moron, an idiot, and always brushed him off in a cold fashion whenever he attempted to hold a deep conversation with her. However, over time, they became closer, until finally Athena could consider him a friend. They're a good team that works well together on the battlefield.





Other AlliesEdit



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